Have you ever tried to find EXACTLY the same mix after several days have gone without a 'lock-out'... or tried to recover your FOH settings after 5 other bands have played... in the dark because the BNC connector on the 'Littllite' is, again (and always ?!?) loose and wobbly ?

For all of you who, like me, still believe in the perfect recall utopia, and are sick and tired of scribbling front pannel drawings of outboard gear, or photocopying a manual that hasn't been designed with that issue in mind, I dedicate this section.

Some manufacturer sites offer exactly what you'll find here... for their equipment only. Often times, all you get is a poor copy of the front panel, which means a lot of things are in your way when you jot down your settings :


Especially with "exotic" pots, shapes can be confusing as to which position is yours !   Same thing with switches : where is the session marking ?  


With my scientifically designed "center marked pot", scribbling your setting is easy as pie.   Now that's much clearer.  

This is much MORE than a simple collection of JPEGs : a lot of sheets have been modified or created from a color photo of the machine, to be more practical (cursors on the pots eradicated, switches made clearer, as shown above) and to be easier on the ink cartridge of your printer. I still wish to thank all these manufacturers for giving access to the basic material : the machine itself.

In other words, there is no copyright on what you'll find here
(other than the manufacturer's)... even if it represents a lot of work on my side, I don't want to deny the work these companies have put in developping the machines and artwork that go with them. Just spread the word around you, and tell them where you fond these unique recall templates.